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Your Exterior Paint Job Is NOT Considered Complete Until The Crew, Foreman, And (Most Importantly) You Say It Is Complete And You Are 100% Satisfied.

Client Satisfaction | No Risk Painting | Eastern Mass and Southern New Hampshire

Here is a situation that happens practically every day. A homeowner or property owner in Cape Cod contracts a painter for a job. The painter demands an upfront—hefty—deposit, usually about 1/3 of the price of the contract. Then they demand the second 1/3 payment the day they show up and before they have even started work.

That means before the job is ever finished, and before it's even halfway done, you have already turned over 2/3 of the entire contract payment. What is the painting contractor’s motivation for finishing on-time and to your complete and total satisfaction? Quite frankly, there is none.

Here at No Risk Painting We Do Things A Little Bit Differently

At No Risk Painting we have consistently been bucking the system and challenging industry common business practices for over a decade -- right here in Eastern Mass. One way in which we have been extraordinarily successful is by putting you, the owner, in charge.

In short, you DON'T Pay us a dime for our labor until you are 100% satisfied with your paint project.

At the end of the job, we walk around the entire property—WITH YOU—making sure everything has been done to your complete satisfaction… then and only then do you cut us a check for payment.

At No Risk Painting we're all about making your paint job as stress free and "No-Risk" as possible. So if you're ready to end the stress and the worry, call No Risk Painting today. We serve Eastern Mass, Cape Cod and more -- and we would love to hear from you.