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Residential & Exterior Painting In Norfolk, MA

Residential & Exterior Painting In Norfolk

Where You Can Kick Back & Relax

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The Longest Warranty—In Writing.

The Best Painting Techniques In Norfolk.

And A Whole Lot More…

Quick question: If you were to hire a residential & exterior painting company in Norfolk, how could you really be sure you'd get your money's worth?

Because here's the thing…

Most painting companies in Norfolk (as in, 99.999% of them) require a deposit before they'll even pick up a paint can. This deposit is usually 1/3 of the cost of the overall project.

Painting companies do this to ensure they don't get shorted by a homeowner who doesn't want to pay up after the company starts the work. That's understandable on the company's end. But it puts you in a less-than-optimal situation.

Sure, the occasional homeowner won't pony up the cash for services rendered by a painting company. But much more often, there are painting companies that won't put in the work—or do a crummy job—after homeowners pony up the cash for the deposit.

Not good.

So at No Risk Painting, we've done the only logical thing: completely eliminated deposits.

That's right—when you choose us for residential & exterior painting in Norfolk, you don't pay us a dime up front. In fact, you don't pay us ANYTHING until after we've painted your home to YOUR satisfaction. All you pay for on the front end is the paint. That's it.

This is the part where people typically ask, "How come you don't require a deposit like every other painting company?"

It's simple. Before we earn your money, we believe we need to earn your trust—unequivocally and unconditionally. We do this by being straight shooters and practicing the best preparation and painting techniques in Eastern Massachusetts. We then back up our work with the longest exterior painting warranty in Norfolk—five full years.

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If you want superior residential & exterior painting in Norfolk, that is completely free from any and all risk, book a free estimate today.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

"The No Risk guys did a great job. The house now looks brand new.

Beyond that, the guys were polite, helpful, and easy to get along with. They had to make a couple of changes to the original plan (they found some boards that turned out to be rotted), and they checked with us and explained why the changes needed to be made and how much they would cost before doing anything not originally agreed to.

They answered all of our questions thoroughly and patiently. None of them smoked or played loud music. They just came, worked hard all day, and finished n good time. I would recommend them to anyone." - Shirley H. in Eastern MA

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