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Eastern Massachusetts Family Owned And Operated Painting Company
295 Reservoir St, Needham, MA 02494

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Residential & Exterior Painting In Hudson, MA

Residential & Exterior Painting In Hudson, MA…Without The Risk, Worry & Stress

Welcome to No Risk Painting, the residential & exterior painting company in Hudsonthat removes ALL of the risk. Our lengthy warranty, proven track record, and "Don't Pay Until You're Satisfied" Policy ensure the highest-quality outcome… and your total peace of mind.

Here are details on how we deliver:

Longest Warranty: We guarantee your project—labor AND materials—for up to FIVE FULL YEARS. If your paint chips, peels, flakes, blisters, or chalks for ANY reason, we take care of it. No fine print. No hoops to jump through. And should you decide to sell your home, this warranty is fully transferable to the next owner.

No Deposit: 99 out of 100 exterior & residential painting companies in Hudson make you pay an up-front deposit. Our question is… why? After all, no work has been done! At No Risk Painting, we don't accept a dime until we've painted your home to YOUR satisfaction.

Better Painting Techniques: To save time (and labor hours), a lot of companies use sprayers to apply your paint. Spraying can lead to a thinner paint job that chips, peels, and flakes prematurely. We hand brush and roll whenever possible to ensure a longer lasting, richer, thicker final product.

Proper Prep: Preparation is the key to ensuring the best paint job. Prior to painting, we 1) wash away any dirt and mildew, 2) scrape and sand down necessary areas for better paint adhesion, 3) replace rotting wood, 4) apply new caulk where necessary, 5) and prime any surfaces as needed. This ensures the longest lasting, best looking paint job.

Apples-To-Apples Pricing: We know, we know… every exterior & residential painting contractor in Hudson claims to have the best prices. But we're willing to put our money where our mouth is with a 100% rock-solid GUARANTEE: Apples to apples, no one will beat our prices.When you consider the workmanship, warranty, service, and the overall experience we provide, there simply isn't a painting company that can compete.

Locally Owned: We're a locally owned company that has served Hudson for 14 years. During that time, we've performed over 5,000 exterior & residential painting projects. We have deep community roots and built a rock-solid reputation for being the area's go-to painting company.

Get A Free Estimate Today

If you need exterior & residential painting in Hudson, contact us now for a free needs analysis and estimate. Remember: Since you don't pay until YOU are satisfied, there is absolutely ZERO risk on your part. Get in touch—we'd love to hear from you!

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