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When A Company Claims They're One Of The Best Painting Contractors In Eastern Massachusetts… People Are Going To Ask Questions.

No Risk Painting

Here Are The Ones We Get Asked The Most:

Why Do You Claim That You Are One Of The ABSOLUTE BEST…
Aren't All Painting Companies The Same?

We are the FIRST and ONLY "No Risk" Painting company in all of Eastern Massachusetts. We’re the only risk free painting company because, unlike other painting companies, we don’t collect a deposit, and you won’t pay a dime for our labor until the job in completed and you are 100% satisfied. There is zero risk going forward with No Risk Painting.

What Do You Mean You Don't Collect A Deposit For Your Labor?

We do not receive any payment until the job is complete. Once a customer has agreed to the estimate, we ask that a signed copy of the estimate along with a material check in the amount quoted on the estimate, and your color selection be placed in an envelope and mailed to our home office. No other payment is required until the exterior painting job is finished and you are 100% satisfied.

You Claim You Have One Of The Best Written Warranties In New England… Why?

Our standard warranty for one coat is 3 years, labor and material included. The warranty is valid for 5 years if we apply two coats. Most painting companies in Eastern Mass offer one- or two-year warranties that they rarely service… and they almost never put these warranties in writing. Our warranties on exterior painting are in writing, fully transferable, and contain no loopholes, games, or gimmicks.

How Can You Guarantee That You Have The Best Prices?

No Risk Painting guarantees to beat any reputable painter’s price providing they are offering to do the same work and are using the same or comparable materials.

What Is The "Average" Cost For You To Paint A Home?

Our internet special for painting the exterior of your home is $3,599. We will paint your trim for $2,199. That price is based on an average sized home with an average amount of work and does not include material. Since every job is unique, we will need to inspect your home, commercial property, or condo to give you a firm estimate on our exterior painting services.

If You're So Good, Wouldn't You Have Past Customers That Would Say So?

ABSOLUTELY! Unlike many painting contractors that just keep re-using old references over and over again, we do not. To read more about our references and our policy, please visit our references page.

What Types Of Homes / Building Will You Paint?

We only use highly trained and highly skilled painters. As such, we will paint just about any substrate. Vinyl, aluminum, Masonite, stucco, asbestos, and all wood exteriors including clapboards, shingles, shakes and T 1-11.

What Do You Mean That You Don't Spray?

We use brushes and rollers as opposed to spraying to assure adequate coverage. The thicker the coating, the longer the job will last. Yes, it is a bit more labor-intensive, but it means a higher quality and allows us to give you the best exterior painting warranty anywhere in Eastern Mass.

*In a small percentage of jobs, the only way to achieve proper coverage or to get into hard to reach areas is a sprayer is used and then back brush or back roll.

I Tried Hiring A Painting Company To Paint My House… But They Told Me I Had To Hire A Carpenter To Fix Some Issues Before They Would Paint, Can You Help?

This is pretty typical in the industry. Painters aren’t carpenters and carpenters aren't painters. But don't worry. We have experienced carpenters on hand and we will perform all necessary carpentry work from replacing siding/shingles, soffits, fascia, and any other needed work. This carpentry work comes at a low additional cost. The estimate will reflect these costs which are a lot less that hiring a carpenter and then having to hire a separate painting company.