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There's Just No Other Way To Paint Your Commercial Property.
That's Why We NEVER Spray.

Spray painting a commercial property or condo is plenty fast and it's a lot easier than hand brushing and hand rolling. There is only one small problem: spraying an exterior is never, ever better than hand painting it.

First, spraying a property involves a lot of unnecessary prep work in the form of taping. You have to tape of all the windows, the trim, any wood work, door frames... and the list goes on. So why bother spraying if it requires so much extra prep work? Simple, it's much more lucrative to a South Shore painting contractor. Think about all of the extra billable hours in labor and materials he can charge.

The reality: If you learn how to brush correctly (as well as how to Roll correctly) you will have practically no need to tape anything (except for some special situations),

Then there is the issue of adhesion and proper coat thickness. Spraying results in a coat of paint (or primer) that is a lot thinner than what you get when you hand roll (brush.) So one of two things happens. The first is that it requires more spraying to get the same coat thickness on the exterior… which means more money for the contractor.

The second thing that can happen is "inter-coat adhesion." Many times, because the spraying is a thinner coat and allows for moisture and other airborne particles to become trapped in the "mist" as it is applied to the walls, the paint will not "bond" properly.

Simply stated, when the paint does not "bond" properly, it peels off easily. You can tell your commcercial property or condominium has this problem if you are seeing "bubbling" in the paint or "flaking." This "inter-coat adhesion" failure is often times extraordinarily time consuming and expensive to fix. Many times, the entirety of the exterior paint will need to be stripped and redone.

When you hand roll and hand brush, there is little opportunity for moisture and particulates to adhere to your paint as the paint is being applied directly to the brush or roller and from the roller or brush directly to the wall. Hand painting results in better bonding and thicker longer lasting coats…PERIOD.

If you need painting services for your condominium or commercial property in Eastern Massachusetts, give us a call. We would be honored to hear from you.