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Why Your Exterior Paint Might Be Bubbling

Posted on May 30, 2018

Outdoor House Painting Metrowest

So, you just gave your house a full facelift. You freshened things up and painted your home the color of your dreams. You step back and admire your hard work. As the paint starts to dry, or even days after the painting is done, you start to notice little or even fairly large bubbles forming. How did those get there? You used the best paint and everything. Well, guess what? Those bubbles have nothing to do with how much you paid for the paint itself. There are other problems going on. Who knew outdoor house painting in the MetroWest area could be so hard?

What Causes Paint Bubbles

Paint bubbles are the result of not painting under the right circumstances. There are many factors that can cause bubbles or blisters to form. Moisture is always a big issue when it comes to paint. They just don't mix. If moisture happens either before or shortly after painting, then bubbles are paint's way of protesting. Another reason paint will start to bubble or blister is because the surface that is being painted was not properly prepared. If a surface is dirty or even too hot it can affect the way the paint adheres to it. Also, mistakes like applying oil-based paint over acrylic paint will cause blisters. If you start to see bubbles you know that there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed before a smooth and beautiful finish can be achieved.

Bubbles Are A Job For The Pros

With such an important aspect of your home like the paint, fixing paint bubbles is a job better left to the pros. Outdoor house painting in the MetroWest area can be tricky with the fluctuating weather and moisture. If you try to tackle the problem on your own, you can end up costing yourself more money and an even bigger headache when it keeps happening over and over again. In this case, you need the help of a professional that knows how to handle this kind of issue. It is easy to want to try to pop and remove the blisters on your own and attempt to repaint the area, but...RESIST. You can do more damage than good.

How To Prevent Bubbles

There are a few preventative measures you can take that will help the paint on your home from forming bubbles or blisters. One big way you can help in this area is by making sure there are no ways for moisture to get under the edges of the exterior paint of your home. This means you can check the caulking over the outside of your home and fill in any tiny little cracks or gaps that can give moisture access to the underside of the paint. If there seems to be a lot of excess moisture, consider installing additional vents to help. The biggest way you can prevent this costly outdoor house painting issue is by hiring a professional painting company with an excellent labor warranty to paint your house. If a company has a labor warranty, then you can rest easy knowing that the proper steps will be taken to ensure that the job is done right - so that things like bubbles never happen.

When you hire a painting company in the MetroWest area there should never be any risk of bubbles or blisters to the beautiful exterior of your home. That's why our name is literally No Risk Painting - because we know you should never have to worry about things like bubbles. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a labor warranty of up to 5 years, we can confidently say that you will have a risk-free experience. Call now or fill out our online form and let No Risk Painting take all the worry and hassle out of painting your home.

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