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Why You Should Paint Your House More Than One Color

Posted on April 19, 2019

Southern NH Exterior House Painting

One color house painting can make your home look one-dimensional. Time to mix it up.

Is your curb appeal missing something you can't quite put your finger on? The paint job is in good shape, the lawn looks great, and nothing particularly needs to be repaired. It just looks a little...bland. It may be that you've only used one color in your exterior house painting. While the occasional home might not look bad with just one tone, it can give off a bit of a flat appearance to your house's exterior. Adding another shade or two can give your home the dimension it needs. Here are a few reasons to paint your house more than one color.

Bring Out the Architectural Style

Your home has its own style and flair already built in. Maybe it's a grand colonial home or a sharp contemporary style. Maybe it's a charming craftsman bungalow. You can highlight your favorite aspects of your home's architectural style by switching up your paint color. For instance, contemporary homes often benefit from a sharp contrast and clean lines. More traditional homes can have one main color and another color for the trim. This mixture of colors will help draw the eye to the architectural feature you want people to see.

Create a More Vibrant, Natural Look

One color or tone, even if it's your favorite color, can start to look bland and flat after a while. It also looks too manufactured, because very little in this world is one-toned. Of course, no one will think that your home sprang up from nature itself, but natural appearances tend to be more pleasing to the eye. By adding contrast or even just varying shades, your home will fit in with its surroundings in a far more natural, seamless way.

Make HOA Regulations More Bearable

Are you part of an Homeowners Association? Some HOAs have strict bylaws when it comes to painting your house. First you have to get approval to do so, and then there are restrictions as to the colors you can use. The logic is that if you paint your house a bright neon green, it might drag down the home value of other homes in the neighborhood. However, if you're bored with options like white and cream, you can make things a little more interesting by painting your trim in a deeper color. Check with your HOA first, of course, but this will allow you to have a little more of your personal sense of style while still appeasing the association.

Your home is dynamic, and your house painting should reflect that. Contact No Risk Painting today for more information or a free quote.

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