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Why Paint Rollers Are Superior to Paint Spray

Posted on October 26, 2018

Exterior Paint Contractors Boston

Many exterior paint contractors have taken to using paint spray for their house painting jobs in Boston and beyond. Paint spray makes the job faster and easier for the contractor, but what kind of quality does it leave behind for the homeowner? At No Risk Painting, we hand roll and hand brush for every job unless a specific project calls for spray painting. We’ve seen the difference in quality between rollers and spray, and so have our customers. Here are a few reasons why rollers are superior to paint spray.

Better Precision

To put it bluntly, paint rollers are more precise. If you choose to spray paint your house, anything that you don’t want to be painted has to be covered in drop cloth or film. Windows, trim, flower beds, etc. will all need to be protected from possible paint spray. That’s not the case when you have a paint contractor deliberately guiding a paint roller along the wall. There will be some masking, particularly for flower beds and tape to keep the lines precise, but the amount of masking is minimal compared to the amount of masking that goes into spray painting.

Richer Color

Unfortunately, exterior house painting eventually fades. It’s exposed to the elements, both harsh sun in summer and bleak storms in winter. The color doesn’t last for longer, which is why it’s better to start out with a thicker coat in order to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. Spray painting can often be thin, or thinner in some spots than others. By using paint rollers, exterior paint contractors can ensure that the paint job is thick and rich, consistently. At No Risk Painting, we use rollers and brushes to create the best topcoat application for the longest lasting house color.

Less Mess

In addition to a sometimes spotty covering and the need for more masking, spray paint sometimes leaves globs of paint in places. Again, it can be wildly inconsistent — too thin in some places and thicker in others. Exterior paint contractors who use rollers and brushes take particular care to cover every corner and give the house a smooth, clean finish overall.

If you want your exterior house painting done right, you should trust an exterior paint contractor who will get up close and personal to ensure the best job. That’s what we offer. Contact No Risk Painting today for more information or a free quote.

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