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What We Mean By "No Risk" Painting

Posted on November 9, 2018

Paint Contractor Eastern Massachusetts

It seems every home improvement project you take on for your home is a risk, especially when you hire a contractor. You are, after all, giving money to strangers and hoping that they'll be able to make your vision for your home a reality. It's no wonder homeowners can be a little wary.

At No Risk Painting, we've built our company on a promise of, well, no risk. But what exactly does that mean? You're still hiring strangers to work on your home. Yet we're confident that your home exterior paint job will be at no risk to you when you hire us. Here's what no risk means to us.

No Payment for Labor Until The Job Is Finished

This is the biggest aspect of our "no risk" promise. Many home exterior painters will require a deposit for labor before the job begins. It leaves the homeowner feeling as though their reputation is the one in question — and it can be a big risk, because the homeowner doesn't yet know how they'll feel about the job when it's finished. That will never happen with No Risk Painting. Here, all you'll pay for beforehand is the supplies for the job. You won't pay a dime for labor until the work is finished.

The Work Is Finished When You're 100% Satisfied

But what do we mean by "until the work is finished?" Does it mean that we do a haphazard paint job, call it finished and send you the bill? No and no again! By our definition, the job is finished when you, our customer, are 100% satisfied. How does the color that you originally thought would be perfect pale look in comparison when actually painted? We'll change it until it looks exactly like you had in mind. We use paint brushes and rollers, rather than paint spray, in order to get the most exact paint job, without missing fine details. Our work is finished when you're happy.

And even after the job is finished, it comes with a 5 year warranty, in writing. Many contractors in the Eastern Massachusetts area only offer a one or two year verbal warranty.

Don't Take Our Word Alone

Of course, it wouldn't be truly "no risk" if we asked you to simply take us at our word. Instead, we encourage you to listen to our past customers. Check out our testimonials or ask for references. We're proud of the work we've done because our customers have been happy with the work we've done.

Want to learn more about our No Risk policy? Contact us today for more information or a free quote.

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