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What To Look For In A Painting Contractor

Posted on May 24, 2018

Painting Contractors Needham

With so many painting contractors in Needham, you want a company that stands head and shoulders above the rest. There is more to painting than just slapping on some paint and calling it a day. If you want the job done right you should be able to hold the painting contractor that you choose to highest of standards. Your home and your business deserve nothing but the very best, so you need to make sure that that is exactly what you're getting.


The first thing that painting contractors in Needham should have is the proper amount of experience. If a contractor has not been painting for quite some time, then he is bound to make some crucial mistakes. Those mistakes should not occur while your home is being painted. If your contractor is dedicated to their craft and has been perfecting their skills for years, then your home has the best chance of turning out beautifully!

The Highest Of Standards

When it comes to quality of work there is a broad range of craftsmanship and standards. Where some are looking to get the job done ASAP, it takes finesse and actually putting in the time and effort to achieve superb quality. One way of knowing if your painting contractor has high standards is by simply asking him what exactly are his standards. If he has a clear and definitive answer with pictures of completed jobs to back up his claims, then he may be a good contender. If his company actually has a written code of standards that they follow and apply to each job, then you are set. 

Honest And Trustworthy

This one is so important, but actually can be the hardest attribute to be certain that your painting contractor has. Looks can be deceiving. The best way to know for sure that they are what they say they are is by doing a little research. Look at their reviews. See what their past customers have to say about them. Even better, see if their website has references that you can check with. When you speak to the references ask them questions like "Were you satisfied with the job?" "Were there any issues during the job?" and most importantly "Would you hire this company again?" If the company in question passes this test then chances are they are honest and trustworthy enough to work with. 

The Right Paperwork

So, what does "the right paperwork mean"? Well, there are some important documents that accredited painting contractors in Needham should have and be ready to show potential clients.

This list includes...

...just to name a few. If a company isn't willing to provide any of these, then you should probably question their integrity and whether they are the kind of company you want to trust your home or business to.

It may sound ridiculous that every one of the painting contractors in Needham would not be able to check everything on this list off, but in reality, you'd be surprised at how few of them actually can. Here at No Risk Painting, we have no problem checking every single one of the criteria mentioned on this list off and more. With an excellent written warranty, thousands of happy customers, and a list of standards that we follow to the letter, you can be sure that your home or business will be in good hands. If you are looking for excellence, we are the company for you. Call us now and let us put your mind at ease with a no-risk quote.

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