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What HOAs Need to Know About Painting

Posted on August 28, 2017

Condominium Painting In Manchester, NH

Homeowners' associations are tasked with managing the maintenance needs of residents in a planned community. Condominiums are typical examples of this-residents pay a monthly fee that goes to the general upkeep of the building. One of the most important aspects of this upkeep is painting. There are a few things every HOA director should know when it comes to condominium painting in Manchester.

You Should Repaint Between Tenants

When a tenant moves out or a new one plans to move in, it is important to invest in condominium painting in Manchester. Residents often leave marks on the walls and cause damage by handing pictures or installing shelving. Painting can erase all evidence of this and make the unit look as though it is new. This is part of the duty of an HOA, so incoming residents will expect that their condo comes with a fresh coat of paint.

You Need to Maintain the Exterior

Painting the interiors of each unit is not the only painting obligation to tend to. HOAs are also responsible for maintaining the exterior of the building-and this means that it needs to be repainted regularly, too. Experts suggest that exteriors need to be repainted between every three to seven years. How often your building needs painting depends on the type of exterior it has and what kind of weather it is typically exposed to.

Painting Can Attract New Tenants

Every HOA should be invested in maintaining the value of their building's units. Value can depreciate, however, if the exterior is not attractive and repainting is neglected. On the contrary, investing in condominium painting in Manchester can make the building bright and enticing so that new residents are attracted and the value of the units gets a boost.

Call No Risk Painting to learn more about making your condo building look its best. Reach out at (866) 433-5431 for more information.

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