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Trending Colors For Your Front Door That Painters Love

Posted on June 8, 2018

Painters Southern NH

Painters in Southern NH are getting more and more requests from homeowners who are seeking a front door makeover for 2018. Keeping current with trending styles, this has become one of the most popular ways to make a change to the look of your home. Adding curb appeal,  sprucing up your front door with a new look is a relatively easy and inexpensive update. Whether you want to make a statement or are needing to change things up a bit, integrating a pop of color to your front door can brighten and freshen up your home's entry and give it that beautiful, new feeling. Also, if you are selling your home, you might consider the amount of attention that a freshly painted door would bring. You want to make sure that your home gets noticed and stands out from the rest.

Popular Colors That Will Make A Statement

Blue - This has become one of the most sought-after colors to add to a front door in 2018. A blue door reflects the relaxing and peaceful oasis that exists behind it. Notoriously seen in places such as Notting Hill and the Tardis, blue doors take on a character all their own. Blue comes in many shades and compliments most exterior paint colors.

Red - Full of passion and energy, red doors have been an essential part of many cultures throughout history, and they are still a part of homes possessing an exceptional, unique quality that sets them apart. It isn't often that anyone can pass a red front door and not be a bit curious about what's behind it! 

Yellow - Here comes the sun! The brightest and perhaps most cheerful color, yellow has the natural ability to bring on a feeling of happiness. There is a reason smiley faces are yellow! A yellow front door is inviting with a fresh vibe that says, "You know you want to dance a little."

Black - Commonly overlooked as a "color", black can be beautiful! Often thought of as too dark, a person might dismiss the idea of painting their front door black, not wanting a heavy feeling for their home. But, don't let it fool you. A crisp, black front door is a sign of sophistication and chic elegance. This look is for homes that are confident and take a straightforward approach to the world.

Green - Representing growth and strength, green is the perfect color for the front door to any home raising a family. Renewal and protection are attributes of the house behind this door. Green doors are well suited for many styles of homes, from Craftsman to Farmhouse, from Victorian to Townhouse, you can't go wrong with green.

And finally, topping the list for trending front door color choices for 2018.....drum roll please…
Purple! - Believe it not, purple is rising in popularity among homeowners. Creativity, the abundance of life, openness, joy, and positivity are only a few words to describe the feeling brought on by transforming your entry with a purple door. In the practice of Feng Shui, purple is the only color that can be placed in any direction. This shows versatility and says that you are open-minded. With a vivid zest for life, the homeowner who paints their front door purple is both unique and trendy!

Whatever color you decide to go with will be amazing so long as it is a reflection of your personal style. Here at No Risk Painting, we want to help you turn your front door into the custom gateway to the wonder that is your home. With customer satisfaction at the heart of our business, we will make sure that our years of experience show in the work that we do for you. For a NO Risk, NO Worry quote, call us now at (866) 433-5431. Let No Risk Painting turn your home into the most gorgeous, trendy, eye-catching place in all of Southern New Hampshire! We look forward to hearing from you!

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