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The Secret to Long Lasting Exterior Paint

Posted on May 17, 2019

Massachusetts Exterior Painting Contractor

These tips will make the difference between fading paint and paint that lasts.

It's easy to find an exterior paint job that looks good in the first week, but the true test will be to see how your exterior paint job holds up to the elements as time goes on. Many exterior paint jobs only have a warranty lasting about a year, because it can be difficult to maintain that fresh color through every season for years. However, much of this comes down to painting contractors or homeowners taking shortcuts, such as using spray paint instead of brushes and rollers or not prepping thoroughly. The right house painting contractor will take your climate into account and know the secrets to long lasting paint color.

Prep the Walls

Most people know not to simply paint over the current surface with no prep work whatsoever. The concept of primer is not a secret, but not everyone knows all that goes into prepping your walls for a new coat of paint. First, you have to thoroughly clean the walls, because any dirt or buildup will impact how well the paint adheres to the wall. You may have to scrape off the old paint in some cases, such as if there's peeling paint somewhere, and spot prime unpainted areas. Once the wall is clean, you apply primer — much like bleaching your hair before dyeing it a drastically different color. It keeps hints of the old color from shining through.

The Right Paint

As we covered in our last blog, the kind of paint you choose makes a difference. If your paint doesn't suit the substrate of your home, it's likely to peel and bubble. Your paint should also be right for your climate. In Massachusetts, we get all four seasons, but winters and storms can be quite intense, so you need a paint that can withstand that. The color of the paint should also be vibrant to begin with. If your paint looks faded in the first week, it's only going to go downhill from there.

Careful Application

Again, these days, many contractors will resort to paint spray because it's easiest for them to apply. However, paint spray can lead to thin or spotty application. It can be uneven or might require more coats of paint, which can lead to peeling. At No Risk Painting, we only use paint spray if the job specifically calls for it. Otherwise, we use rollers and brushes, getting up close and personal with your walls. This way we can apply a thicker coat of paint the first time, leading to fewer layers so reduce the risk of peeling. The thicker coat, however, will ensure that the color lasts for longer. 

Ultimately, the best secret to long lasting exterior paint is to find the right exterior painting contractor committed to the quality of your paint job. Contact No Risk Painting today for more information or a free quote.

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