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The Importance of Commercial Painting for Investment Rental Properties

Posted on October 19, 2018

Condo Painting Contractors Metrowest

In the real estate world, first impressions are everything.

We know how important it is to boost your curb appeal when selling a house, and the same thing goes when you decide to put your investment rental properties, like condos, on the Metrowest market. While you might not have the same freedom to change things as you would have in selling a single family home, there are certain things you can do to help, like finding condo painting contractors to paint the exterior of the property. But why is commercial painting so important when it comes to your investment rental properties? Here are a few reasons.

An Appealing Exterior Draws People In

The point of curb appeal is to bring people into your property to see the rest of it. However, if they don't like the exterior of the property, they probably won't even bother to look any further. If your exterior paint has faded with time or is beginning to peel, your property will fade into the background, or worse, repulse potential buyers who pass by. On the other hand, a fresh, vibrant coat of paint will draw the eye and a pleasing aesthetic will be sure to bring them inside. It may even bias their opinion of the property before they go inside, so that by the time they cross the threshold they're already half-attached to it.

It's An Easy, Affordable Fix

Many things in the realm of home improvement are known to be costly, not to mention disruptive. Major remodeling can be a headache both during the process and when you receive the bill. Room additions, while worth it at the end, are usually approached with some trepidation. On the other hand, exterior painting is a fairly easy fix. It's not particularly noisy or disruptive, and it's considerably less expensive than major changes to the property. Despite the fact that it's a fairly minor update, it makes one of the biggest impressions. Without any other changes, a new coat of paint can completely change the look of the property.

Added Value for the Neighborhood

You may have heard that a garishly painted property can lower the market value, not just for that property, but for the whole neighborhood. No one wants to live on a street with an eyesore, after all. On the other hand, when the homes on the street are all aesthetically pleasing, it adds to the value of each home and the community itself. Prospective buyers often look at the whole street, imagining themselves living there. Thus your new paint job could not only be good for the property itself, but for the surrounding area. 

With No Risk Painting, condo painting is that much easier and stress-free for you. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.

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