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How To Tell If Your Exterior Painter Is Cutting Corners

Posted on July 12, 2019

Needham, MA Exterior House Painter

Don't settle for an exterior house painter that cuts corners.

No one wants an exterior house paint job that they simply have to repaint a year later, a paint job that fades or peels as soon as the weather applies a little pressure. But if your house painting contractor cuts corners to make the job easier or cheaper for themselves, that might be just what you end up with. So how do you avoid a poor exterior paint job? First, it's best to know the signs. Here are a few ways to tell that an exterior paint job is done by cutting corners.

They Use Paint Spray

Many house painting contractors use paint spray for their exterior house painting jobs, mostly because it's faster and easier to paint the house that way. However, paint spray can lead to an inconsistent layer of paint, unattractive paint globs, or paint that peels or fades too easily. There's also a chance that paint spray might be misaimed, landing on the windows or on your lawn below. At No Risk Painting, we never use paint spray unless a job specifically calls for it. Otherwise, we stick to rollers and brushes, painting carefully to ensure a fresh, precise coat of paint.

Their Past Customers Aren't Satisfied

Before you contact a house painting contractor, take a look at their reviews. What do their past customers say about them? If they're largely satisfied, there's a chance that you're dealing with a reputable contractor who you can trust with your home. However, look out for reviews that talk about paint jobs that began to fade, peel, or bubble after just a few months. If you see a pattern of this, it might be an implication that the painters tend to cut corners in their work, and will likely do the same with you.

They Don't Paint for YOU

It's one thing to be able to do a quality house painting job in California, but house painting in Massachusetts is a different story. The climates are entirely different, and different methods and even paints might be necessary. So it's important for your house painter to be familiar with the local climate and even with the materials of your home siding, because your paint will differ based on that as well. A house painter that doesn't take the specifics of your situation into account is a house painter that cuts corners and isn't worth your time.

Want a contractor who you can trust to take their time and be committed 100% to your satisfaction? You want No Risk Painting. Contact us today for more information or a free estimate.

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