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How Often Should I Paint My Metrowest Home's Exterior?

Posted on September 13, 2018

Metrowest Home Exterior Painting

Your Metrowest home's exterior paint job stands up against the elements...but for how long?

Exterior house painting doesn't last forever, and that makes sense. After all, your home's exterior is exposed to the elements all year long, and in Metrowest, those elements can be quite extreme. Bright sun, high humidity, harsh winds, storms, or chilly snow can all affect the life of your exterior paint. There are other factors that also affect the life of your home's paint, like your siding materials and the quality of the paint job. So the answer to how often you should paint your Metrowest home's exterior might be very different from your neighbor's home.


Certain types of siding hold paint better than others. Typically, the better your siding holds up to adverse weather, the better your paint job will hold up. For instance, wood siding easily expands and contracts with temperature changes, so after a few years paint can begin to chip and peel. Wood also has the potential issues of rotting and swelling. Paint on aluminium siding lasts a little longer but will start to peel after a few years. Stucco siding holds a rich color but does tend to crack in heat. Your best bet is to go with newer materials such as composite siding, or trusty brick.


Climate obviously has a strong impact on the longevity of your exterior paint job. Each climate has unique elements that affect the home's exterior as a whole. In hot and sunny climates, faded paint jobs can be a problem. In climates that experience all four seasons, such as Massachusetts, extreme changes in temperature can cause cracking and peeling. Storms are also an issue here, as are winter storms, rain, and hail. Your exterior painting contractor should be experienced in your climate so that they know what to expect and can prepare your paint job accordingly.


The quality of your exterior painting also speaks to the longevity of it. In sunny climates and elsewhere, thick coats of light-colored paint typically last the longest because it's harder to fade. Some house painting contractors will spray paint, which leads to a thinner paint job that doesn't last more than a year or two. Instead, search for someone who uses brushes and rollers and paints two or three thick coats to help your paint color last as long as possible. 

One way to gauge the quality of the paint job is to look at the warranty. Many house painters in the area only offer one year warranties because they know you'll have to repaint before long. The longer the warranty, the longer the contractor expects the paint job to last. That's why No Risk Painting offers a 5-year warranty, longer than that of our competition, because we want your paint job to last as long as possible.

Contact No Risk Painting today for more information about extending the life of your exterior painting.

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