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How Can You Tell When Your Exterior Needs Repainting?

Posted on Monday, 07 August 2017

Professional House Painting Manchester, MA

You likely know that you need to repaint your home's exterior from time to time, but you might not know when exactly that is. How frequently does a home need to be repainted? A number of factors determine the answer, actually, but it is important to invest in professional house painting in Manchester, MA when your home is overdue for repainting. Here are a few ways you can tell when exactly that is.

Visible Signs of Wear

There are a number of visible indications you might notice that are telltale signs you need to repaint your home. Some of the most common include the following:

By the Type of Siding

The aforementioned signs are definite indications it is time to reschedule professional house painting in Manchester. The type of siding you have on your home is another factor, though, that might mean you need to repaint even sooner. It is recommended that wood be repainted every five to six years on average, while aluminum or stucco typically need a paint job every five years. When in doubt, however, it is best to check in with a painting professional to see if your home's exterior is overdue.

Quality of Prior Paint Job

The most important factor when it comes to professional house painting in Manchester is the quality of the work. Cutting corners is simply not an option, and if the last painter did so, you will need to invest in repainting sooner rather than later. Work done by a professional should last towards the end of the paint lifespan window applicable to the type of siding on your home.

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