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House Painting That Withstands the Seasons

Posted on August 23, 2018

Metrowest House Painting

Everyone expects their exterior paint job to look great the day it's finished, and almost any house painting can withstand mild, fair weather days. But in the heat of a Metrowest summer or the midst of severe storms, does your paint job still hold up? It should. After all, you don't just live in your house in the midst of fair weather. But too often, cheap paint jobs fall apart with the changing of seasons. Here are a few ways to look out for house painting that lasts.

Brushes & Rollers

There are two main methods when it comes to house painting: spray painting or painting with brushes and rollers. While most house painters will use spray paint because it's faster and easier, we at No Risk Painting have found that brushes and rollers do a more thorough job. The coat of paint is thicker and the color is richer and more consistent. When the sun beats down in the heat of summer, it can start to fade your exterior paint job. With a paint job done with brushes and rollers, it will take much more to fade than a spray paint job.

Thick Coats of Paint

This ties into the point about brushes and rollers, but even with brushes and rollers, some house painters can make the mistake of painting too thinly. It's important to paint as thick a coat of paint as you can. This will strengthen the paint against damage from storms, as well as keep the color as rich as possible. The richer the color, the longer it will take to fade. Look at examples of a house painter's previous work to get an idea of how rich their paint jobs tend to be.

A Strong Warranty

Metrowest weather, and Massachusetts weather in general, is not gentle by any means. Many Massachusetts house painters only offer a 1- or 2-year warranty on their exterior house painting, because they don't expect it to last any longer than that. But if you want house painting that withstands the seasons, you want something a little stronger than that. No Risk Painting offers a full five-year warranty, longer than the competition, because we feel sure our paint jobs will last longer.

No Risk Painting has been committed to quality paint jobs at no risk to you since 1999. Interested in exterior paint for your own home that withstands the seasons? Contact us today for more information or a free quote.

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