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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted on September 20, 2018

Residential Painting Eastern MA

After what seems like a long summer, fall is finally on its way to Eastern MA! It's the season of cozy sweaters, spooky costumes, warm cider and leaves changing colors. It's also a good season to get in some home maintenance before the chilly winter settles in. Do you know where to start? Some issues might be obvious; for instance, if you need residential painting. However, other issues may need a closer look. Here's a checklist of home maintenance you might need to do...


Fall is called fall for a reason. While the image of leaves drifting from trees to the ground can be quite picturesque, it can be problematic for your roof's gutters, especially when combined with the heavy storms of autumn. So before winter arrives with all its snow, take a look at your roof gutters. You'll need a ladder, an old spatula, and a trash bag or tarp lying below. With the spatula, you can scoop out leaves and debris to leave the gutters clean and ready for whatever fall and winter throws at them.


When we think of lawn maintenance in the fall, we usually think of raking leaves. This can be a tedious chore or a fun chore depending on how you look at it. But don't think that just because the temperature is going down your lawn doesn't need to be watered anymore. Eventually, rainy days will make up for manual lawn watering, but until then, make sure you keep the sprinkler going until you start to notice frost. Fall is also an excellent time to fertilize the lawn.

Outdoor Furniture

Do you have patio seating or lawn chairs in your outdoor space? Are they winter ready? If they're made with vinyl or plastic they'll be easy enough to wipe off. However, if they're made with a cloth of some sort, now is a good time to bring them under the porch or into the garage. You'll probably use your outdoor space less as the weather gets cooler anyway, and there's no sense in having to buy all new lawn furniture in the summer.

Exterior Paint

Before it's a good time to consider the look of your home's exterior walls, particularly the paint, when was the last time you scheduled a residential painting? Is the color starting to fade, or are there parts of the exterior that aren't quite as cohesive as you'd like them to be? Maybe your tastes have changed and you're looking for a new color altogether. If that's the case, the low humidity that comes when summer ends could offer you the best opportunity to paint.

If you find yourself in need of a residential painting when going over your fall home maintenance checklist, contact No Risk Painting today. As long as you book before the end of September, you're guaranteed to have your house painted this year.

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