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Exterior Paint Color Mistakes To Avoid in North Shore

Posted on March 9, 2018

House Painters North Shore

Isn't it amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a home? Your home can be completely transformed from dull to amazing in just a few days. Few home improvement projects can make such a dramatic difference as outdoor house painting in North Shore can. You can add curb appeal and actually raise the value of your home by changing the paint color. Painting your home is also one of the most affordable improvements that you can make while also making a huge impact.                                         

While painting your home can add value and curb appeal, it can also go horribly wrong. Choosing your paint color is one of those things that you probably look forward to and are even excited about but it is also serious business. If you don't plan and choose wisely, there are some mistakes that you can make when choosing the right color for your home.

Choosing A Color Just Because You Like It

If someone asks you what your favorite color is you will likely answer immediately. There are probably even dozens of items in your home that are that color. When you see that color, it makes you happy. While this may be a great color for your favorite shirt and even the comforter on your bed, it may not be the perfect color for your home. There are some colors, in fact, that are not suitable for any home so keep that in mind when choosing your home's paint color. Expert house painters in North Shore will be able to advise you as to whether your favorite color will look best on your home or whether you should buy a new mug in that color and choose something else for your home instead. 

Not Coordinating With The Neighbors

Now, we're not saying that you have to choose the same color home as your neighbors. In fact, you probably shouldn't. Choosing an exterior paint color that is slightly different from the houses around yours can actually make your home stand out in a good way. If your home stands out among those in your neighborhood, it can raise the value of your home and give you that curb appeal that you desire. Just be careful to coordinate the color with those in your neighborhood or it can lower the value of your home.

Ignoring The Landscape

The landscape of your home should be the backdrop which showcases your home but if you are not careful, your home can become the backdrop. Consider the trees, shrubs, flowers, and even other buildings on your property when outdoor house painting in North Shore. In some instances, you will want to go with complementary colors and in others, you will want to contrast. House painters in North Shore are trained to know exactly what color will make your home the centerpiece of your property. 

Painting The House But Not The Front Door

Don't forget to paint your front door. Your front door color can greatly influence and effect the overall feeling and look of the finished result.

At No Risk Painting, we can show you what options of color will work the best for your home. We strive to be the best painting company in the area. Our no-risk policy shows in that you will not pay a dime on labor until the job is complete and we offer one of the best warranties available.

So do you have a great color in mind now? Contact us today for your free quote and consultation.

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