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DIY or Hire a Contractor: How to Make the Decision for Home Painting Projects

Posted on November 16, 2018

House Painting Contractor Massachusetts

You need to paint the exterior of your home. The question is how? There are two options: you can hire a professional house painting team or you can take on the project yourself. With so many tutorials available online, many homeowners are turning to DIY projects, but not everyone feels comfortable enough to handle a project as big as a DIY house painting. So which is the right choice for your home painting projects? Let's break down the pros and cons.

DIY House Painting

DIY house painting is appealing for a few reasons. For one thing, it means not having to pay for a painting contractor, so it's generally seen as a more affordable option. Some homeowners also prefer the control granted to them by doing the home painting project themselves. Some are simply DIY enthusiasts.

It's a viable option, but it's not without its challenges. The first thing to consider is that doing it yourself means you do it all yourself. You're responsible for selecting the paint, for protecting the lawn and any flower beds while you work, for prepping the paint job and painting it thickly enough to get the right color vibrance. If the paint is too thin, it will fade quickly and you'll have to repaint in a year or so. Too thick paint, however, will cause ridges and lumps. It needs to be just right. This is where it helps to have some experience, if not with house painting, then at least with something similar.

Hiring a House Painting Contractor

On the other hand, those who hire house painting contractors can just relax while the house painters do all the work. You can even leave the house while the house painting is being done (so long as the house painters have a way to contact you). These contractors will work with you to find the color you want and take into account any of your specificities. They'll prep the project, protecting flower beds and your lawn. They'll do all the painting and clean up after themselves when they leave.

Another benefit of hiring a house painting contractor is insurance. If you make a mistake in painting your home, you have to pay to fix it. You're held liable, and that can be expensive. House painting contractors, on the other hand, typically have liability insurance so that any potential property damage is covered. 

The biggest drawback is the initial cost. You're not just paying for the supplies in this case, you're paying for the painters' time and expertise. However, as we discussed above, sometimes a DIY job done wrong can cost more than initially anticipated. When you hire the right house painting contractor, you can be sure the job is done right the first time and that it lasts for longer than a year.

Interested in hiring a house painting contractor? With No Risk Painting, you can count on a meticulously done paint job that will last and no labor costs until you're 100% satisfied. Contact us today for a free quote.

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