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Condo Not Selling? Consider Painting It

Posted on December 6, 2018

Massachusetts Condo Painting Company

It seems like you've done everything right when it comes to renting out your condo, but no one's biting. Maybe they take issue with the price, or your competitors in more ideal locations are getting the bulk of the offers. You need to make a change to help your condo stand out, but without offers, your budget might be limited. That's why the answer might be in condo painting. Although it seems like a small change, condo painting can have a massive impact when it comes to your draw to potential condo owners.

An Affordable Fix

Condo painting is a relatively simple, affordable fix. It doesn't require a change to the structure of the condo, nor does it require heavy labor. It's a purely cosmetic, surface change. Because of this, it's significantly more affordable than larger remodeling projects, but it makes a big difference. Putting a fresh coat of paint on a condo can be a facelift that your condo needs to look brand new, and a new color can make people look at it in completely different ways. Consider the colors that are trending for condos in Massachusetts right now. The more your condo fits the picture the condo hunter has in their head, the more easily they'll be able to see themselves living there.

Trick the Eye

Is your condo a bit on the small side? You may not have the capacity to add more space, but you can trick the eye into seeing the condo as larger than it is. Light colors, like light blues, yellows, and whites, reflect light, which can help change the perception of the condo so that it feels bigger. Beware of dark colors, as these tend to absorb light and can make a condo seem smaller.

Colors Affect Emotions

Science has shown over and over that our emotions are affected by the colors we surround ourselves with. Blue can be calming while green can be inspiring. Yellow is cheerful, while deep warm colors help us to feel more at home. If you want someone viewing your condo to feel at home there, use colors that will catch not just their eye, but their mood. This can depend on the sort of feeling you want to get across, as well as the colors of the surrounding neighborhood. You can even ask a condo painting contractor what colors are most popular in your area.

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