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Looking to Freshen Up Your Home's Exterior? Here Are Some Color Trends For the New Year

Posted on January 4, 2019

South Shore Outdoor House Painting

Need to glow up your South Shore curb appeal? A fresh coat of paint could be just the thing.

Outdoor house painting is a relatively simple home improvement project, but it can be massively impactful, especially if all you need is to freshen up your perspective of your home. A fresh coat of paint, even in the same old color, can revitalize the look of your home to make it more welcoming for guests and even more homey for you. However, you may want to mix things up with a new color altogether. If that's the case, it's a good idea to stay on top of the trends that are set to emerge in 2019.

Pastels Are Here to Stay

Pastels have long been a safe choice for outdoor house painting, and this year is no exception. Pastels offer you the opportunity to add color to your home's exterior without being too glaring. Light yellow, baby blue, or off-white colors are fine with most HOAs and blend in well with just about any neighborhood. However, if there are no restrictions in place, you can be a little bolder while still sticking to a pastel color palette. Consider a pale pink or purple to mix things up in a soft way.

Green Is Moving Back In

Gone are the days of only choosing pale blues, whites, and yellows. Green was actually a fairly popular house color choice in the 90s, but faded out of fashion for safer colors. Now it's beginning to make its way back in. Of course, this color depends on your HOA if you have one. They may be more amenable to a soft, pastel green, and that certainly fits with the trend. However, deep earthy green, especially with a contrasting trend, is rising in popularity and might just be the perfect choice for your home this year. Teal and aqua colors are also in, and a great compromise between green and the ever-agreeable blue.

Warm Colors, Pale Trim

Warm colors are a bold choice, but sometimes a bold choice is what you need to make yourself look at your home the way you did when you first bought it. However, you can temper the statement of warm colors by using the trim as contrast. If you decide to paint your house a rustic red, consider white trim. Ochre yellow can be combined with a sort of eggshell trim. With yellow, you can also opt for a darker colored trim to create a richer, more elegant overall look.

Any color trends of 2019 strike your fancy? These are just a few ways you can freshen up the look of your home this year. Contact No Risk Painting today for a free, no risk quote on outdoor house painting in South Shore.

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