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Choose the Right Type of Paint for Your Siding

Posted on July 13, 2018

Exterior Siding Paint in Marshfield

Is your exterior paint compatible with your Marshfield siding?

No matter how great your siding is, eventually the color will start to fade. That's just the effect of any material being left in the sun for too long. When fading starts, your first thought — and rightly so — will be to paint it. However, not all siding materials can be painted in the same way. Do you have vinyl, wood, or composite siding? Those will require different kinds of paint. Maybe you want to put a coat of paint on your home's brick exterior. Whatever the goal, make sure you have the right exterior painting supplies for it.


Many homeowners prefer to leave their brick exteriors as is. The classic deep red or brown of the brick has a timeless elegance and doesn't need paint to achieve that. However, brick can be painted if you're looking for a change. In this case, you'll want to use latex paint formulated with masonry in mind. First, the bricks will be primed — in the same way you often have to bleach your hair before dyeing it a drastically different color. Then about two coats of latex paint will be applied with a long nap roller. It's also a good idea not to pressure wash the brick beforehand, because of the risk to the brick's mortar. However, exterior painting contractors will know how to handle brick with care.


Some siding contractors will tell you that vinyl never needs to be painted. While it can retain its color for some time, it will eventually fade like anything else. Whether or not it will ever need to be painted, vinyl certainly canbe painted, but you need to be careful about the paint you choose. Vinyl tends to expand and contract and essentially needs paint that can keep up. Paint with acrylic and urethane resins is a must. The paint color should also be lighter than the vinyl's current color, as dark colors absorb more heat and might make vinyl susceptible to warping. Latex urethane paint formulated for exterior use is your best bet here.


Wood siding is lately going out of style because of its expense and because it's so high maintenance. However, some homeowners still prefer the warm, classic look of wood, and it's an excellent natural insulator. Cedar siding is among the most common types of wood siding, so we'll use that as an example here, although you really should check the type of wood siding you have and what paints suit it. Cedar is first primed with an oil-based wood primer. Once the primer is dry, the painters will apply one coat of exterior acrylic latex or acrylic stain.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding can be given a texture and look similar to wood, but it's lower maintenance and more durable than wood — not to mention more affordable. Fiber cement is also relatively easy to paint. It can be painted any color and uses acrylic latex paint. The painters will clean the boards as with anything else before applying primer or paint. Some fiber cement siding even comes pre-primed, making it easier to paint. It's best to use paint with polyurethane to avoid mildew and create a smooth finish.

Whatever kind of siding you have, we at No Risk Painting have something to paint it for you. Contact us today for more information.

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