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Brushing vs. Spraying Exterior Paint

Posted on May 16, 2018

Professional House Painting Metrowest

When it comes to professional house painting in the Metrowest area, there are so many aspects that come into play to achieve the finished look that you want. Everything from the paint color to the type of paint you choose will affect the end result. However, one of the biggest factors that comes into play is the technique used when painting. There are two primary ways to get the job done: brushing and spraying. What's the difference, though? Does one outweigh the other? What do the professionals prefer? You need to arm yourself with a little more information on the subject before talking to your painters. 

What's The Difference?

So, first things first. The most important aspect about getting your house painted is the overall look of the job once it's done. Of course, other factors you might think about include the cost, the mess and clean-up involved, and the efficiency and lifespan of the paint. But the one thing that is of utmost importance is that you get a beautiful, flawless finish. This is where the biggest difference in the application shows up. You can get a smooth finish by spraying, but if the paint is uneven then it doesn't matter how smooth it is. Spraying does not typically have the best coverage. In the experienced hands of a professional, a paintbrush is hard to beat. He can achieve evenness and coverage at the same time.

Pros And Cons

Brushing and spraying, why one over the other? Well here are some things to consider…



Professionals Who Use Brushes

Any contractor who does professional house painting in the Metrowest will tell you that it is worth the extra effort to use a brush as opposed to a sprayer, because the pros far outweigh the cons. With a more even finish, using half the paint, and getting the fine details of the job right, why wouldn't this be the obvious choice? Now, given there are special circumstances that require a sprayer to get the job done, these jobs don't happen that often. When presented with the choice, however, a true professional will take the tried and true route and stick with a brush. 

With all the different professional house painting companies in the Metrowest, you need something that sets one apart from the rest. Here at No Risk Painting, we know that a brush is a painter's most valuable tool. That's why we always prefer to use a brush as our first option, because we want you to have the most beautiful house possible. If you want a flawless finish on your home call No Risk Painting today. Talk to one of our highly trained professionals and get a no-risk quote for your home.

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