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Why Brushes & Rollers Beat Paint Spray Every Time

Posted on August 9, 2018

Painting Contractors Southern NH

We don't cut corners with your house painting in Southern NH.

Since the introduction of spray painting, exterior painting contractors have debated which method is better: paint brushes and rollers or spray painting. While spray painting might be easier, we find that brushes and rollers tend to do a more thorough, higher quality paint job. Paint brushes and rollers may take more time and attention to detail, but we believe your home's exterior paint job is worth it. Here's why we prefer rollers:

Richer Color and Better Consistency

You can tell the difference between the coloring in a spray paint job and the coloring of an exterior paint job done with brushes and rollers. Yes, it takes more time, but the result is a thick paint layer and consistent color that stands out, giving your home stunning curb appeal. Spray painting often includes weak spots where the color isn't quite as strong as it should be. It may be a faster job, but unfortunately, it can look like a faster job, and no one wants that.

Equipped to Handle Texture

Another issue to consider is texture. If your house has siding with any kind of texture to it, such as wood, imitation wood, or textured brick, spray painting isn't enough. Spray painting often skims over the finer details and grooves of the texture, leaving an incomplete finish. Because rollers and brushes paint more closely and more thickly,  you can expect more accuracy and attention to detail.

Less Prep Work

Masking is a tedious aspect to any exterior painting job. It involves covering the parts of the home that you don't want to be painted so that there's no mess and clean lines to finish. All paint jobs require some masking, no matter what tools you use. However, painting with brushes and rollers requires much less masking, because the paint job is more precise than spray painting. So although the paint job takes longer, the prep work is actually shorter, and that means your new paint job can start and finish more efficiently.

Although spray painting is often held to be the easier option, it's much less exact than painting with rolls, and in terms of prep it actually takes more time. That's why at No Risk Painting we're committed to using brushes and rolls on all of our exterior paint jobs. Interested in house painting for your Southern NH home? Contact us today for a free quote.

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