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Boost Your Curb Appeal and Value With House Painting

Posted on July 6, 2018

House Painting Cambridge

It's amazing the difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

Have you ever known someone to look at something old or worn down and say, "It just needs a fresh coat of paint"? It may seem silly, but more often than not, a new paint job goes a long way toward making the old look new again. It certainly catches the attention of neighbors and passersby. Which is why, if you're interested in boosting your Marshfield home's curb appeal and adding value, house painting should be one of your first considerations.

 There may be nothing wrongwith the outward appearance of your home. It just doesn't stand out. Maybe people are too used to seeing it, or it just blends in to the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. A paint job from professional house painters can give it that added wow factor.

It's Dramatic

There are little things you can do to boost your home's curb appeal. Trimming bushes or hanging a few plants along the porch make a nice touch, though it might take the viewer a few looks to realize what the difference is. The same can't be said of house painting. This is a dramatic change that can't help but change your whole perspective on the house. Like a new wardrobe or dyeing your hair a dramatically different color, no one will have to wonder what's different about your house, and it might even look brand new to some.

It's Low Hassle

Remodeling projects can intimidate many homeowners as they imagine the loud hammering noises, crews stomping through their house, keeping their valuable furniture covered and pets and small kids out of the way. But an exterior house painting job is surprisingly calm. It's all done outside, there's no loud machinery, and your pets and kids can be wherever they like indoors. You can go about your day while your house is being painted, even if you work from home.

The Fresher the Better

Even if your house is not new, the next buyers will want it to at least look that way. The fresher the coat of paint on your home, the newer it looks. You can even retain some of the historic charm of the home, but fresh paint will ensure that it looks well taken care of. This impresses prospective homebuyers and gives your house a competitive edge in the market over homes that haven't been repainted in some time. Because homebuyers will be more invested in your home, the value goes up.

With No Risk Painting

If you choose No Risk Painting in Cambridge, you have even more reason to get an exterior house painting. Here, we never charge a down payment for labor, so you don't have to pay until the work is done to your satisfaction. And we have the best prices guaranteed. We are locally-owned and operated with nearly 20 years of experience, so you can trust us to do quality work on your home. So true to our name, there's no risk, and no worries.

Interested in boosting your curb appeal? Contact us today for a free estimate.

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