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Best Paint Colors for House Exteriors

Posted on January 3, 2018

Painting Contractors in Nashua, NH

It may come as no surprise that not all colors suit all home exteriors. Driving through neighborhoods can be daunting if you weren’t expecting that garish pink stonework lit by neon strings of Christmas lights this time of year. The good news is there are ways to avoid having your home gawked at, whether you decide to go modern or a more traditional route of exterior paint colors.

Stucco Siding

There are a variety of textures to choose from for a stucco home, so make sure the sample board is the same material as your siding, as the color may appear different depending on the surface. Don’t forget that you can blend color samples for a softer or a sharper tone, like adding whites and ivories to a less subtle color. Stucco is uninterrupted by panels, so the finished color is going to be viewed all at once by the naked eye, therefore it should trend away from bright hues. Typically for stucco, you’ll find most people go with subtle colors that blend in with the environment. Because you tend to find more of them south or west, this could mean a variety of earth tones, of beiges, pinks, whites. There are even some stucco houses in tints of blue. It all depends on where you live, what sort of environment your color is going to flatter.

Manchester, for example, falls into the northeastern coastal forest region. This allows a homeowner a different sort of variety, yellows, blues, and greens which might please the eye. It is important to remember that when choosing colors for trim, banding, and body that you keep within the color family for all three, or the results tend to be an unpleasant carnival. You must also consider the color of your roof when choosing from the sample board, so make sure the color meshes well with your light or dark roofing.

Brick Siding

For those with a brick house, your palette options can be a lot more varied. Brick lends itself well to traditional and more modern color choices. White is classic, pale yellows and creams give a soft feel to your home, and even brighter, more modern colors like pear green and sky blue have their place. As with any decorative venture, it depends on the environment you call home. Many brick houses go unpainted, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with a good red brick look. Some homeowners desire a look tailored to them, however, and the possibilities are virtually endless.

Dusky blues are quite pretty and give a dainty look when paired with white trim. There are mint green brick houses dotting New England seashores. Even a mustard yellow may suffice in a more rustic environment. What is most important to some is not the color of the brick but the accentuating colors of columns or doors to brighten the exterior. As long as you avoid dark colors (darker than the natural brick itself) your home should be able to add character to any neighborhood.

Wood/Bevel Siding

In a variety of different woods (Douglas fir, spruce, cedar, or redwood to name a few), wooden bevel siding has a countryside appeal to it, especially with a stain to it rather than paint. Some may prefer a more charming personality for their house, however, and seek a paint job that will do this type of house justice. Whites, soft yellows, and soft blues give wooden siding a farmhouse feel. Even light pinks and greens will make this ‘barnhouse’ as charismatic as any other, especially if you decide to go with the traditional russet red. Dark brown siding with white trim puts a modern spin on this classic, but a black finish is not recommended for this kind of exterior.

Metal Siding

In the modern age, metal no longer has to pretend to be a more traditional material. Many embrace the contemporary feel of aluminum, copper, or steel even in the residential districts. Some prefer the shine of the natural ingredients, whereas some modern homeowners merely appreciate the strength and malleability of the constituents, yet crave a different color or finish. Many modern homes achieve a harmony between the two, having a section of their metal home an unpainted silver color, and another section painted a neon color for the fashion of it. It seems to trend with bright greens and yet others paint metal as if it were wood. Whatever you choose, you will be embracing a new age of exteriors. 

In the end, your home is a reflection of you and your family who lives there. For those without direction, these are merely suggestions to choose from, but doubtless some of you already have a vision in your mind of what you want your home to be, how you want it to look. Curb appeal is nothing to sneeze at; a beautiful house is an extension, and thereby a reflection, of those who make the house their home. If you’re ready to take action towards a beautiful house, No-Risk Painting is a good place to start.

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