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The Best Halloween Decorations for Your House Color

Posted on October 5, 2018

House Painting Eastern MA

Color is a huge part of design, whether it's your year round design or your Halloween decorations. It might not make much sense to paint your house deep purple and orange this Halloween — and would probably be banned by most HOAs. But you can use the color from your recent house painting to accentuate your easy-to-remove Halloween decorations. The question is what kind of decorations work best with your house's color?

Light Colors

A white or off-white house with vinyl siding boards can easily be dressed up as an older and abandoned house. Deck the walls with fake vines or creepy crawly spiders and spider webs. You might even consider adding fake boarding to your windows and doors to make the house look as though it were closed off for mysterious purposes. Let your house be an old, abandoned (and possibly haunted?) house this Halloween, and you're sure to scare in your Eastern Massachusetts neighbors.

Neutral Colors

Tan, grey, and even some greens are often picked as a safe choice. They offer enough color to stand out in a row of lightly colored houses, but not so much color as to make the neighbors uncomfortable or drop the market value of the neighborhood. Neutral colors amplify everything around them, so really any Halloween decorations you choose will be perfect. If you're not one for spooky Halloweens, adding harvest themed decorations to your porch — like scarecrows, corn stalks, pumpkins or hay bales, can breathe warmth into your home's curb appeal.

This is also a great choice for subtle Halloween decorations, for instance a fake skeleton lurking around the side of the home or a few menacing jack-o-lanterns.

Deep Colors

Deep house painting colors make a strong impression in the light of day, but tend to blend in at night. If you want your house to stand out, you need to focus on Halloween decorations with lighting. Cast an eerie glow over a cemetery in your yard (complete with foam tombstones with ominous epitaphs). Maybe you can add festive orange lights leading up the pathway to the house. One of the best resources when you have a home with a deep exterior color, is your windows. Use green or purple backlighting and stencils to display images of witches, ghosts, or the menacing fingers of a monster reaching downward. The more light, the spookier the contrast will be.

Your house painting shouldn't be spooky, but it can help add to the spooky nature of your Halloween decorations. What color would work best for your Eastern MA house? Contact No Risk Painting today to get a free, no-obligation quote for our house painting services.

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