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Why Exterior Painting in Cold Weather Is not a DIY Job

Posted on Monday, 09 November 2015

commercial painting services in Newton

Exterior painting, especially for a place of business, should always be left to commercial painting services in Newton, MA. This is even more important if you want the job done during a time of cold weather. Unbeknownst to most people, painting under low temperatures can have an adverse effect on the results if certain measures aren’t taken.

You may think that tackling an exterior paint job is straightforward, but there’s so much more to painting than just applying brush strokes over a wall. The job becomes more complicated under cold weather. This is mostly due to the extended length of time it takes for the paint to dry. Longer dry times also mean more time for debris, dirt, and other impurities to cling to the paint, thus creating imperfections on the surface. Blemishes especially become noticeable if high gloss or satin paint is used.

The paint itself also needs to be designed to withstand cold temperatures. Most paints are not designed to be used under temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Paints also need to contain a certain substrate formula if applied outdoors. In addition, commercial painting services in Newton, MA, also use primer to ensure optimal adhesion. Primer itself also needs to be formulated with the right substrate if used in a cold climate.

Even the material used for applying the paint affects the final quality. Should you use a brush or roller? Since paint is less consistent under low temperatures, it is recommended that a brush or roller made from polyester or nylon be used to provide more even consistency with each stroke.

Due to so many variables, the quality of the paint won’t be long-term if the wrong materials and techniques are used and applied. This is why exterior painting is generally not considered a DIY job. For best results, leave the job to commercial painting services in Newton, MA.