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What to Expect From House Painting

Posted on Friday, 11 November 2016

Professional house painters Plymouth

You may have been told that the last painting job would last a few years or for over a decade, but you are noticing signs that you need a complete overhaul of your house’s exterior. You may notice that the paint is chipping off in large chunks or that there are cracks and warping on the surface. You could patch up these problems, but you may have found there is a general problem with the paint job you already have. If you have hired professional house painters in Plymouth, there are a few things you should expect before starting the job.

Qualifications and Recommendations

You should work with a residential painting company in your area that is certified and has years of experience. Look on the internet for reviews of the company. While you should not be put off if there are a couple of negative reviews, but beware of companies that have a majority of unfavorable comments. Speak to friends and neighbors who have had their houses painted recently and ask about which professional house painters in Plymouth they hired. You may not have the same requirements as your friend or neighbor, but getting a personal recommendation can sometimes mean more than just reading something on a website.

The Painting Process

The contractor should communicate with you about what the process will involve from preparation to the actual painting and finally the follow-up work. Your house will first be prepared for painting, the contractor will strip off all of the existing paint and some of the caulking. Cracks, openings, and other damaged areas will be fixed and the exterior may be sanded before the paint is applied. Ask the professional house painters in Plymouth what kinds of paint they use and make sure that the materials can stand up elements and last for many years. Work with a company that has a clearly stated warranty and insures all of its workers. Make sure that you read the fine print of all the agreements and that you are receiving value for money.