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Understanding the Residential Painting Process

Posted on Tuesday, 12 July 2016

residential painting company Cape Cod

Is your home’s exterior paint peeling, chipping, or just in need of a facelift? If so, you may be thinking about contacting and hiring a residential painting company in Cape Cod to repaint your home. The process for repainting the exterior of your home includes several steps, all of which your contractor should complete thoroughly to provide the most high-quality paint job.

Before any painting or surface preparation begins, the painters should use tarps to cover any areas around your house that could be damaged by the painting. This process often includes protecting gardens, plants, and flowerbeds.

Next, the surface of your house needs to undergo preparation before any new paint can be applied. The first step your contractor will take will be to wash the home. This is best done with a soft power wash that will remove all built-up dirt and mildew from the house’s exterior. Then, the painters will scrape off existing paint and will sand down any glossy or rough surfaces. Gaps in wood should be caulked to prevent any water intrusion. A residential painting company in Cape Cod may also replace rotten wood at this point in the process. Finally, the surface will be primed. Paint applied to clean and well-sanded surface will last longer and have a better appearance.

Once the surface is prepared, the residential painting contractors will apply the paint. Although spraying paint is often cheaper for the company, paint should be hand brushed or rolled to allow for full coverage and a thick durable coat. Having the exterior of your home hand-painted will produce a thicker and therefore longer-lasting application.

Painting your house not only increases its value and aesthetic appeal, but also can protect it from damage and wear. Once you hire a residential painting company in Cape Cod, they will begin the several-step process of giving your home a new look.