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Top 3 Reasons to Paint Your Homes Exterior

Posted on Thursday, 28 January 2016

Residential Painting South Shore

Residential painting in South Shore is one of the simplest ways to give your house an updated look. It is a cost effective home improvement project that reaps many benefits. Whether your abode needs a fresh coat of paint or a change of color, it is well worth the investment.

The weather conditions wreak havoc on the exterior surface of a home. Over a period of time, rain, snow, ice, frost and intense humidity can result in quite a bit of damage. For instance, the paint will soften and swell which leads to it peeling, flaking, cracking and blistering. Excessive moisture can lead to mildew. On the other hand, sun rays fade paint and breaks down its built-in UV protection. When any of these problems arise, hiring experts for residential painting in South Shore becomes a necessity.

Your home is an investment. An exterior paint jobs adds immediate value to your real estate value.It is a low cost expense that reaps a maximum return.If you sell your home, what you get in return will exceed the upfront cost.

When you put your home on the market, the external appearance is the prospective buyers’ first impression of the house. If they see things such as shabby looking paint, missing trim or peeling paint, they will immediately devalue the worth of the house. In some cases, they won’t even consider it as a viable purchase. However, an attractive, professionally done paint job will pique their interest. The more attention there is the more opportunities you have to turn shoppers into buyers. For the best impact, choose neutral colors like brown, tan, white and gray. For shutters and doors, consider using blues and reds as your accent color.

A project of this nature is a budget friendly makeover that enhances your home’s value. A trustworthy company offering residential painting in South Shore can provide expert advice and services for this home improvement project.