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Top 3 Reasons You should Not Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Posted on Monday, 08 August 2016

professional house Greater Boston

There will come a time when your home’s exterior needs a makeover. One of the main reasons is that paint chips, peels or fades over time. There are some weekend warriors who take this on as a DIY project. However, this is not a simple task. It requires years of acquired knowledge, skill and experiencefor the work to be done correctly. This is why hiring a professional house painting company in Greater Boston is a better option for many homeowners.

Risky Business

Painting a house is long, tedious work. In fact, spending long hours on a ladder can result in falls, injuries and even death, especially if you’re distracted during the job. A contractor already knows the dangers and is well trained in the proper safety precautions. This ensures the project will be completed in the safest manner possible.

Tools of the Trade

A well-done exterior paint job often requires more than brushes, paint and a ladder. Equipment such as scaffolding, extension ladders and power washers are commonly used during these projects. Although you can rent these items, the cost may be pricey. In addition, there’s a learning curve you must undergo to ensure you’re using them correctly. When you hire a house painting company that has all the necessary tools, you’ll save money and time.

Prep Work

The preparation that takes place before the painting begins is extensive. The process of scraping paint and sanding the surface is not as simple as it seems. If it’s not done properly, you’ll end up with lackluster results such as staining, peeling and blistering. The majority of painting mishaps are due to improper surface preparation. Experienced painters know the precise prep methods and techniques that will give your home a flawless look.

The advantages of hiring professional house painters in Greater Boston far outweigh the benefits of tackling the project on your own. In addition, working with a trusted company offering a no risk painting guarantee ensures the job will be done to your satisfaction.