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The Truth about Bonding Paint to Your Home

Posted on Thursday, 04 August 2016

house painters plymouth

As you consult different house painters in Plymouth, you will likely find that they offer painting services by spraying or applying paint directly with a brush or roll. Either way offers benefits depending on the job, but it’s important to consider what these methods can do for your house, and whether they can properly bond the paint to your home for a long lasting finish.

Spray Painting

The reason spray painting is popular is because of its speed. Paint sprays can reach areas that a hand instrument will struggle to get to. Also, by using a spray gun, exterior painting contractors do not make contact with the surface or even come close to it. Furthermore, spraying paint does not run the risk of leaving brush marks. And with an adjustment of the nozzle, the spray fan can be widened or narrowed for convenience.

Brush Painting

Painting with a brush and a roll can take more time than a sprayer, but it also requires less preparation. Before house painters in Plymouth use a paint gun, they have to tape off the surface edges since the paint is harder to control. However, no taping is needed with brush painting except for specific cases. This also means the actual labor could take less time than with spray painting.

The Importance of Bonding

The bottom line is how well you want the paint to bond to the surface. For small painted objects stored inside a home in regulated air and heat, this is not a problem. However, paint coats that are constantly exposed to the elements need to be bonded as firmly as possible. Since spray paint applies thinner coats, the paint mist can trap moisture or airborne particles while painting. And if the paint is not properly bonded, it will peel or flake, ruining the paint job.

The outside of a house or building is constantly exposed to outside elements, so you need a paint job that will strongly bond the paint to it. Choosing the right painting method from house painters in Plymouth will give you a lasting paint job that you will enjoy for years to come.