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The Reality About Cold Weather Painting

Posted on Saturday, 14 November 2015

Cold Weather Painting

Exterior painting is actually trickier than interior painting due to exposure to the elements. The problem is compounded when temperatures are borderline frigid. Commercial painting services in Plymouth, MA, are well aware of the challenges of painting outside when temperatures are freezing. This is why such projects should never be undertaken by a DIYer. Chances are that the resulting finish will not be to your satisfaction if you attempt the work by yourself.

Why is cold weather painting so complicated? The main problem lies in the drying time. To give you an idea, latex paint takes about four hours to dry under temperatures of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Under 50 degrees, it takes about six hours. Anything below 50 using some forms of paint, such as alkyd, can take as long as 48 hours before the surface can be recoated.

Here’s another issue: the temperatures listed actually apply to the temperature of the surface being painted, and not the air temperature. Surfaces may be warmer or cooler than air temperatures depending on the type of surface. Commercial painting services in Plymouth, MA, have experience working with various surfaces and can apply the correct curing times to avoid recoating the walls before they have completely dried.

The paint itself also has to be formulated for cold weather use. When exposed to the cold, some paints may thicken or even turn semi-solid. This will require the use of thinners or special additives. Some paints, latex in particular, are adversely affected by low temperatures due to the slower evaporation rate of moisture in the air.

As you can see, painting in cold weather requires multiple aspects to be in place. Not giving the paint enough time to dry or using unsuitable paint can result in a poor finish. Always leave the job to commercial painting services in Plymouth, MA. Professionals know exactly what has to be done when painting in frosty temperatures.