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Steps for Ideal Exterior Painting in Plymouth, MA

Posted on Friday, 15 June 2016

Exterior Painting Plymouth MA

When you’re ready to revamp your home or business with some exterior painting in Plymouth, MA, you want a lasting color scheme that represents your individuality and looks good in your surroundings. What you don’t want are paint-splattered shrubbery and paints that deteriorate under the onslaught of sun, humidity and winter weather.

Whether you hire a contractor or set out on your own, the process of repainting should follow several steps. First, consider the weather. Low humidity is necessary to allow paint to dry and cure properly. Furthermore, you want paint that holds up well in your climate regardless of high humidity, harsh winters or extra days of sunlight.

Next, take a look at the building. What is the substrate—vinyl, cedar, stucco or some other material? The substrate will determine the preparation process. Also, check to make sure your siding is in good condition because there is little point in painting rotten siding. If your siding is robust, you are ready to start your exterior painting in Plymouth, MA.

Painting is messy, so make sure your lawns, gardens, lawn furniture, doorways and electrical fixtures are properly wrapped, taped or otherwise protected from paint spatters. Paints will not stick to dirty, oily or mildewed surfaces, so building preparation should include washing. Scraping and sanding will ensure a smooth, solid surface for maximal paint adhesion. Likewise, applying a layer of primer will help paint adhere and endure.

The best-looking, optimal topcoat coverage comes from brushing and hand rolling the paint, not from spraying. An expert can help you select the right colors for your building based on its design and the surrounding color schemes. Once the topcoat is fully applied, you and your contractor should inspect the final product to ensure satisfaction with the paint job.

These steps will help your building look its best in the long term, no matter the weather. Keep these suggestions in mind as you launch into exterior painting in Plymouth, MA.