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Steps To a Top-Notch Exterior Painting Project

Posted on Saturday, 21 November 2015

residential painting in Needham

Homes in the New England area are well-known for their character and beauty. When paint starts cracking, peeling and chipping it is important to be well informed on the steps an excellent contractor takes from start to finish. If you are in need of residential painting in Needham, the following process will be the sign of a professional contractor.

First, they will examine the outside of your home to determine what type of primer to use and to assess for any necessary repairs like soffit or fascia replacement. Different substrates need specific treatment to prepare for the application of exterior paint. After this, the contractor will get the site ready. This involves covering plants or outdoor furniture and roping off the area with tape for proper protection during the job.

Next, your house must be cleaned to get rid of any mildew, dirt or other debris to ensure the adhesiveness of the paint. This is typically performed with a thorough soft power wash with an effective cleaner. Then all the surfaces will be prepared with scraping and sanding, any necessary repairs to rotten wood, removing nonfunctioning caulking and applying new product, and more. Your exterior is then ready for the paint.

Using a paint that is made for the New England climate is a must. This will make your residential painting in Needham last as long as possible. Proper application of the topcoat with brushes and rollers is optimal to get the paint thick enough and cover well. After this is complete, a final inspection will be conducted to guarantee your satisfaction of the job.

This type of thorough and well-executed process is the key to success. The best in the business will utilize these steps to provide you with efficiency and value. You can then be secure in knowing that your residential painting in Needham will be not only top-notch, but long lasting.