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Spray Painting Might Seem Like a Good Idea

Posted on Tuesday, 6 September 2016

commercial painting contractors Greater Boston

Many commercial painting contractors in Greater Boston will try to sell you spray painting as a quick, easy and affordable alternative to brush and roll jobs. This is an easy sell, as business owners must save money to protect their bottom line. Truth be told, spray painting doesn’t save you money. In fact, it costs more. Why? Because…

Spray Painting Requires More Preparation

To avoid getting paint splatter all over your commercial building’s trim, windows, doors and any other accent you don’t want a new color on, the contractor must spend a tremendous amount of time taping off all areas where the spray paint should not go. This takes hours and manpower, which means more labor costs on your final bill.

Decrease in Quality

It might seem as if spray painting and hand painting achieve the same results, but commercial painting contractors in Greater Boston know that’s not the case. When you spray paint a surface, air and moisture mix with the mist coming out of the equipment. Consequently, the paint is lighter and thinner and it may not bond properly to the surface. Should this happen, you’ll find that your paint will be more prone to:

• Peel

• Bubble

• Flake

If this happens, you’ll have to have the paint job redone, which costs you double. Labor will include stripping the first spray paint job, which will add even more money to your second bill.

Don’t Chance It

Cutting corners rarely saves you money; it almost always costs you even more money than doing it right in the first place. Painting contractors in Boston, MA are a dime a dozen, so when seeking estimates from commercial painting contractors in Greater Boston, make certain you look to contractors who brush and roll paint instead of using a sprayer of any kind. This is the only way you will be guaranteed a quality paint job that will stand the test of time.