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Signs It is Time for a New Coat of Exterior Paint

Posted on Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Exterior Paint

New England sees its fair share of snow, rain, and wind, which all damages the exterior coating of your house. As it ages, you’ll want to consider hiring professionals to take care of that exterior painting in South Shore for you. Here are some signs that a new paint job is in the near future for you.

Water Stains

When the paint on the outside of your home has yellow or brown water stains, your home can quickly become an eye sore. They are difficult if not impossible to wash away, and typically only grow in size with age. These stains are also a sign that you may have wood rot, which may create an even bigger problem. A new paint job can usually help prevent further damage and give your home a clean, new look.

Color Fade

The sun is harsh all year-round, and it can take its toll on the color saturation of your home. Sun-damaged paint looks faded and unappealing. If you want something fresh, exterior painting in South Shore will usually give you a more-inviting home.


Cracking occurs from water and/or sun damage, but it can also start because of physical damage from wind, rain, or even animals. Spidery cracks are unattractive and may allow water to seep through into the wood behind or end up flaking. If you start to see this problem, it’s a good time to hire a pro.

Outdated Color

Sometimes, home fashions change and exterior paint colors don’t avoid this problem. Old-fashioned colors might embarrass you. In this case, a new paint job can take your home from lackluster and outdated to something with a bit more pizazz.

Do you see these signs on the outside of your home? Don’t let it bother you longer than it has to. Just be sure to choose a company that stands by its word and its customers before, during, and after completing exterior painting in South Shore.