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Popular Paint Colors for the Home Exterior

Posted on Monday, 30 November 2015

exterior painting contractors in South Shore

When it comes to renovations, many homeowners focus on the interior. However, remember that the exterior is what neighbors and pedestrians see. If curb appeal matters to you, and the outer walls are showing signs of fading and chipping paint, then consult with exterior painting contractors in South Shore to find out what colors are currently trending.

So what colors are popular among North American homes? According to trends, traditional neutral colors are high in demand. By neutral, this means the basic colors like white and gray. Other colors like ivory, light blue, and beige also fall into this category. There are varying degrees of shade and undertones, though, within each color category.

Most exterior painting contractors in South Shore recommend that homeowners choose two shades of the same color. The walls are painted one shade while areas like the borders, trim, and overhang are given another shade. This provides just enough contrast so that the exterior isn’t entirely in a uniform color. Whatever hue you select for the wall or siding, select the same color one or two shades higher.

You may, however, elect to use a bold color on a section of the home that you would really like to stand out. If you have an elegantly designed door with a stained glass window that you would like to draw attention to, then consider a non-neutral color amid a neutral backdrop. Non-neutral includes colors that aren’t conventionally used for the exterior, such as red, dark blue, or even yellow. Of course, these colors seem out of place, but they are very effective for catching the eye’s attention.

Your house could look just like any other in the neighborhood, or you could make it stand out. Exterior painting contractors in South Shore can make recommendations based on your preference. The right color scheme will increase curb appeal by several notches.