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Popular Home Exterior Colors for 2016

Posted on Thursday, 28 July 2016

exterior painting Cape Cod

Are you considering repainting your home this year? If so, you may be wondering which color schemes are both popular and likely to provide enduring appeal. Consider the following four trendy and timeless ways you can update your house through exterior painting in Cape Cod this year.

Desert Shades

Do you want classic, earthy shades that welcome viewers while providing lasting warmth? Consider combining neutral colors reminiscent of desert and sand. You can choose among shades such as warm brown, impactful yellow or gold, gray, or tan as pale as blown sand. Consider pairing softer colors with impact shades such as glossy gold. Are you not sure which combinations to choose? Painting contractors in Boston, MA can help you pick the best colors for your home.

White With Impact

There is a reason white has long been such an enduring color for homes. A house that is painted white is likely to look airy and inviting, to draw the eye, and to remain beautiful for many years to come. Do you feel that white is too bland for your taste? You could consider adding depth and interest through brightly colored accent trim or shutters in colors such as aqua, scarlet or green. Deep, rich shades of red or royal blue may also be a good choice for accenting your white exterior painting in Cape Cod.

Fruit and Spices

Whether water, forest or growing food, colors inspired by nature are currently popular and likely to offer lasting appeal. For a traditional, old fashioned home, consider accenting soft peach or apricot with white or cream. Alternately, for more a daring modern choice, go with spice or seasoning colors such as mustard or cinnamon. These can be softened by pairing with more neutral browns or grays.


When it comes time to update your home through exterior painting in Cape Cod, you have a wonderful opportunity to use colors that are both beautiful and welcoming. You can choose warm shades inspired by nature, or try classic white with rich accents for depth.