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Finding a Contractor Who Has a Thorough Painting Process

Posted on Monday, 21 November 2016

residential house painting plymouth

As you start planning your residential house painting in Plymouth and are comparing the policies and qualifications of many different contractors, start first by learning about contractors’ methods and processes. If they don’t have a set and tested process, they can’t guarantee that they can efficiently and beautifully complete any residential house painting work.

It seems like common sense that a contractor should first assess your home’s exterior before buying the materials and beginning work. However, they have to specifically identify your substrate so that they can buy the perfect primer that will maintain its hold for a long time. Don’t let a contractor trick you into thinking that the type of primer doesn’t matter, since every unique substrate demands different types of primer.

Then, make sure that a contractor believes in thoroughly preparing the site before working. Some contractors who specialize in residential house painting in Plymouth get cocky and just rush into the job, trying to get it over with as soon as possible. Make sure that they care about keeping your gardens, flowerbeds and other foliage undamaged.

Many unskilled and inexperienced contractors will try to skip the next crucial step, which is to wash the house before painting. Mildew, oil and dirt build up on building exteriors over time, so a power washer with a trisodium phosphate is necessary to eliminate anything on your exterior’s surface. Only with a clean and smooth surface can primer and paint take a firm, even hold.

Then, make sure that a contractor sands or does any other necessary surface preparation before they start painting. You may think that a new coat of paint will cover up any splotches on your home, but typically discoloration and spotty exteriors are the result of chipped and flaked surfaces. No residential house painting in Plymouth should begin until the exterior is completely smooth and clean.

If you find a contractor who does all of this and offers you great value, excellent warranties and more, than you’ll have a beautiful new exterior in no time.