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Common Mistakes Made When Painting Inside and Out

Posted on Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Residential Painting Newton MA

There are important differences between exterior and interior paints. Interior paints must be able to resist fingerprints and indoor exposures; exterior paints are exposed to the sun and extreme weather. There are a number of other differences as well. Exterior paints have higher levels of volatile organic compounds than interior paints. Using the wrong paints inside or outside can leave you with long lasting and expensive trouble. There are a number of common mistakes made by homeowners who opt to paint themselves instead of hiring a residential painting Newton MA professional. Avoid the following mistakes by hiring an expert:

1. Using Exterior Paints Inside

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to use exterior paints inside, thinking that the tougher paint would last longer and resist more use. However, the mix of chemicals in exterior paints actually leaves the paint vulnerable to more scuffs and scratches than interior paints. That mix of chemicals is also full of VOCs that could adversely affect your health.

2. Confusing Types of PaintAppropriate forHousing Materials

In addition to confusing exterior and interior paints, homeowners sometimes use oil and latex paints inappropriately. For example, oil paints might be used on stucco or latex may be used over oil. Using the wrong type of paint on exterior surfaces, such as wood, can lead to the need for constant repainting or other repairs.

3. Neglecting Prep and Priming

Homeowners, unfamiliar with the work that goes into preparing surfaces for painting, often skip steps or try to take shortcuts. Sometimes homeowners simply don’t know any better and paint without taking the proper steps. This can lead to the need for repeated residential painting Newton MA services.

Learn From the Mistakes of Others

When you need your home painted, inside or out, you’ll want to protect your home and your family by hiring professionals familiar with the ins and outs of residential painting in Newton MA. This one decision can help you to avoid the common and costly mistakes made by other homeowners in the area.