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Choosing Colors That Can Sell Your Home

Posted on Saturday, 06 August 2016

licensed painting contractors Metrowest

If you’re planning to sell your house, you’ve probably made sure the plumbing, windows and electricity are in top shape, but it may actually come down to whether potential buyers enjoy looking at your home. The wrong house color can actually break a possible sale. If you have concerns about your home’s color, contact licensed painting contractors in Metrowest to give your home a new, inviting coat of paint.

What Buyers Want

Your new home paint color should be as inviting as possible, so consider using neutral or traditional colors. For example, yellow will make your home look lively and happy, but it’s best to stick to a pale yellow, as you don’t want colors that are too bright. If you want your home to blend with its surroundings, look for colors like warm taupe or gray. However, should you want your home to stand out, give it a lighthouse red coat.

Using Color Shades

Choices for residential painting aren’t limited to basic colors, as they can still come in many shades. Brown colors, for example, also come in mahogany, maroon, raw umber and sepia. Also keep in mind that your home will look different depending on the angle. On some sides, it will receive more sunlight, which will affect the look of the color. If you have difficulty with these questions, consult your licensed painting contractors in Metrowest. They are experts in paint shadings and can tell you how different shades will look on your home.

Painting Shutters

In addition to your exterior walls, think about painting your shutters, as they should also look pleasing to the eye. Ideal shutter colors include blues, reds and whites. Also make sure that your shutters complement the overall home exterior. To play it safe, choose white or black, as they go well with any exterior color.

If it’s time to sell your home, get a leg up on the competition by painting your home a color that will attract a potential buyer. If you have questions, consult licensed painting contractors in Metro west to see what works best for your home.