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6 Steps to a Successful Home Painting Project

Posted on Thursday, 6 October 2016

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Repainting your home can help it feel brand new and can ensure it's protected from weather and other elements. When you're looking for painting contractors in Boston, MA you should insist on hiring professionals that take all the necessary steps to complete the job properly to your satisfaction. Here are several steps that house painters in Plymouth should be taking when working on your home.

1. Primer

There isn't really a one-size-fits-all primer. A good painter should look closely at the exterior of your home to identify the substrate and choose the best primer for maximum paint adhesion.

2. Prep Work

Exterior painting can harm plants and bushes if a painter's not careful. A good company should cover all nearby foliage and take care to avoid disturbing roots and soil. Taping in also important so other areas aren't accidently painted.

3. Cleaning

High-quality house painters in Plymouth will wash the entire exterior of your home first to ensure paint goes on over a clean surface.

4. Surface Work

New paint doesn't adhere well over old paint or rotted wood. A painter should replace any rotted wood and use proper sanding techniques to prepare your home for the paint.

5. Attention to Detail

Spray painting is fast, but it doesn't' cover many parts of your home as well as hand brushing and rolling. A quality painter will take the time to ensure every part of your home has a beautiful coat of paint.

6. Inspection

You should be the final say in when the job is done. A trustworthy contractor requires you to sign off on the job before payment. A good exterior painting job requires much more than just choosing a color and adding it to the siding. Look for high-quality house painters in Plymouth who will take the time to properly prepare your home before painting, protect your yard and other areas, and ensure that you are completely satisfied before accepting payment.