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4 Warning Signs Your Home Is Due for a Paint Job

Posted on Friday, 12 August 2016

professional painter North Shore

Ideally, your house needs a fresh paint job every five to ten years. Of course, factors such as the New England climate, paint quality and surface type play a role in how often you need to undergo this process. Consulting with a professional painter in North Shore can not only help you assess the condition of your home’s exterior but also provide the services necessary for maintaining its curb appeal.

1. Cracks in the Caulk

Check between the boards. A new paint job is necessary if the caulk is peeling, dry or brittle.

2. Board Shrinkage

Boards are known to shrink and form gaps. This results in a couple of problems. For one, it allows moisture to enter the wood, especially when there has been long stretches between paint jobs. Second, it’s an indicator that the boards are dry rot.

3. Paint Peels

One of the most common problems homeowner’s face is peeling paint. This occurs when water enters below the surface and loosens the bond between the surface and paint. Not only does this create an unsightly appearance it also increases the risk of structural damages. A skilled painter in North Shore can fix these issues with a professional paint job that will protect the exterior from New England’s intense weather.

4. Color Fades

The sun wreaks havoc on a home’s surface. It’s the leading cause of paint discoloration. If the color of your home has lost its brilliance, then it’s time to spruce it up. While there’s nothing you can do about the sunlight, you can restore the look of your house with a fresh coat of paint.

Contact a professional painter in North Shore, especially if your home is five years or older. The longer you wait the more cosmetic and/or structural damage your house may incur, which can get costly. Seeking a free inspection and estimate from a reputable house painting company will help protect your home’s value, appearance and structure.