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4 Factors to Consider When Planning Your Exterior Paint Job

Posted on Wednesday, 09 July 2016

Exterior Painting Cape Cod

Whenever you make changes to the exterior of your home, you need to take the time to make a smart decision. Exterior painting in Cape Cod is no different than any other projects. You need to take the time to find reputable exterior painting companies that can offer the products and services you need. Consider these four factors when planning your next exterior paint job.

1. Quality:Higher quality paint may have a bigger price tag, but it usually requires fewer coats of paint. This means your project may get finished faster for less money overall.

2. Preparation: Before your home can get painted, you need to make sure the right preparation is done. The surface has to be cleaned and primed to ensure the paint will adhere well. You need to have the siding inspected because rotted siding will not look good even after it has been painted. You should also make sure your landscaping is protected because exterior painting in Cape Cod can get messy.

3. Moisture: Weather also plays a role in painting outside. If paint is put on a wet surface, it will not take as well it would on a dry surface. You should wait a day after a heavy rain to paint to ensure the moisture is out of the air and off of your siding.

4. Temperature: The temperature you paint in is also important. The desired temperature depends on the product, but many need to be applied in at least 40-degree weather. If you know the evenings will be drastically cooler than the days, you may want to double think painting. Huge temperature fluctuations may have a negative effect on drying paint.

If you do not consider these factors during your project of exterior painting in Cape Cod, you may end up with a subpar job. Talk with a few exterior painting companies to ensure you find a team that will give you the best end result.