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3 Outdoor House Painting Colors and Styles of 2018

Posted on August 17, 2018

East Boston Outoor House Painting

Take a peek at some of East Boston's favorite outdoor house painting colors and styles this year so far.

At No Risk Painting, we have a commitment that we won't leave the job until the customer is 100% satisfied. Usually, that satisfaction depends on the quality of the paint job, but sometimes it's a matter of style. While some colors and styles seem to last for decades, others ebb and flow with the current trends. There are some exciting colors and styles cropping up in the world of outdoor house painting right now. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Aqua Makes a Splash

Deep colors have always been a little controversial when it comes to house painting. Some colors that run beyond the pastel can be too loud and bright for a home to pull off. Sometimes it's an issue with HOA bylaws that forbid certain colors. However, aqua is one richer color that actually looks gorgeous as an exterior color.

Although it's certainly deep and vibrant, it's also soothing and inviting, somewhere between the enthusiasm of green and the calm of yellow. It creates a summer-like ambiance that reminds people of the sea. So it's no wonder that we're seeing more and more aqua in outdoor house painting, whether as an accent — with aqua trim or an aqua entry door — or even as the primary color of the home.

Three Tone Paint Jobs

Outdoor house painting is rarely all one color. Usually, there's the main color of the house and the trim that outlines main color. However, lately homeowners are seeking to add a third color to the mix. Three seems to be the magic number: it's enough variety to make your home stand out and boost your curb appeal, but doesn't quite cross into the territory of having too much going on.

This may mean that the body of the house is one color while the trim is a complementary color and the window frames are yet another color. It could also be that the trim and frames are different from the body of the house and the entry door is painted a color that stands out from both the trim and the body.

Gray is Not Boring

Gray has a reputation for being, well, a little dull. However, that's not exactly fair. In fact, when the right shade is used, gray has much to offer your curb appeal. Deep gray has a stately sort of elegance that makes your home stand out, while lighter grays can look cool and sleek. Better still, gray is a neutral color, so it will go with anything you choose to do for your landscape, your entry door, or your porch. It's one of the most versatile house paint colors available, which is why it's so popular in East Boston.

What are some of your favorite outdoor house painting colors and styles? Contact No Risk Painting today for a free estimate on a new coat of paint for your own home.

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