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3 Common DIY Painting Problems

Posted on Monday, 14 August 2017

Painters in Southern Manchester, MA

Painting isn't necessarily a difficult task, but it is labor intensive, and doing it well requires skill. While anybody can grab a roller and paint a room, ensuring the results are attractive and high quality is a task many DIYers may not be up to. Luckily, there are professional painters in Southern Manchester, MA who can help you avoid such faux pas. Hiring a professional is the best way to avoid these common problems encountered when you endeavor painting on your own.

1. Streaking

Nothing is worse than paint that is streaky and uneven. This can be particularly difficult to avoid if you are painting with a shinier finish such as satin or semigloss. It may also become a problem if you are painting too slowly and the paint starts to dry before you are done. Painters in southern Manchester can finish your paint job without streaking and without hassle.

2. Dripping

Dripping is yet another problem you may encounter while painting. Even laying down drop cloths with meticulous precision may not be enough to spare your carpets, furniture and other belongings from errant splashes of paint. Professionals, on the other hand, are skilled in avoiding accidents such as these. If you want to ensure the paint stays on the walls, there are many painters in southern Manchester who can make sure of it.

3. Roller Lines

If you are painting your home's interior, you will likely be using a roller, but this tool can leave behind obvious lines that ruin your paint job and look unattractive. Using a paintbrush might not be any better-it can shed bristles and leave marks, too. Rather than chancing it with DIY painting, invest in professionals who can get the job done with quality and efficiency.

Reach out to No Risk Painting for all of your interior and exterior home painting needs. Estimates and consultations are available by calling (866) 433-5431.

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